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Kate McKnight
Wife. Mom. Boxer. 
Copywriter & Freelancer Coach
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What the Heck's the 1-2-PUNCH?
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  • Why gigantic, 5+ step funnels that force you to fork over loads of cash upfront and hire 3+ different freelancers to put all the pieces together for you are totally overrated... and... how to get the results you want with this new "Minimum Viable Funnel"...
  • And much, much, MUCH more!
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About the 1-2-PUNCH Creator
Kate McKnight

Kate is a copywriter, consultant, and freelancer coach who helps online entrepreneurs eliminate overwhelm and chase their dreams at Funnel Rehabbers, a one-stop sales funnel shop she co-founded with her husband Ron. As former teachers, freedom junkies, and passionate minimalists, their focus is on building Minimum Viable Funnels designed to get results fast. 
See What Others Are Saying
  • “If you’re looking for an exceptional copywriter and marketer for your project, Kate McKnight should be among your top choices. [S]he is one of the most talented copywriters I’ve ever met. She’s also extremely well-versed in funnel-building, Facebook and AdWords marketing, and just about anything else you need to make your business profitable. If you’re fortunate enough to work with Kate, do not pass up on the chance! You won’t be disappointed." 
    Lee Rowley
  • “Ron and Kate are SUPER STARS! Within two weeks of hiring them, they had built me a funnel that was filling my schedule with inbound phone calls for just a few dollars per appointment. I was closing 1 in 4 of those appointments for potential $2,000+/month contracts. I have yet to discover a more profitable investment than hiring Ron and Kate.”
    Mike Shreeve
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